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Our Team


BookTalk is for all the readers looking for themselves in their books and the authors they look up to. We’re creating a community and a safe space that I myself have always looked for and I’m so excited that so many others feel the same way. We’re working so hard every day to capture how special the bookish community truly is and invite you to join us on our journey.

- Azanta Thakur

Founder and CEO

Founder Anchor
The Team

Senior Management

Founder and CEO 

Azanta Thakur 


Executive Vice President 

Sally Bremer 


Executive Program Coordinator

Keara Rodriguez


Executive Program Coordinator

Mara Franzen


Director of Internal Communication

Ruby Baker 


Director of External Communication

Samantha Leong

Director of Sponsorship

Lauren Chamberlin 


Sponsor Specialist 

Claire Schultz


Vice President of Communications

Claire Wallace



Vice President of Development

Lujeen Aburawi


Director of Publicity 

Sumona Rahman


Director of Strategy 

Amani Salahudeen


Director of Publicity 

Tasnim Geedi


Tech & Operations

Vice President of Technology

Tatiana Weiner 


Website Admin

Claire Schultz


Admin of Virtual Logistics 

Ashley Frost 



Chief Finance Officer

Sammi Chevalier


Director of Finance 

Stevie Owen



Sarah Damian



Vice President of Events

Sami Sanghvi


Director of Events 

Arundhati Chandrasekhar


Events Coordinator 

Diany Freire


Events Coordinator 

Sarina Govindaiah


Community Engagement

Vice President of Community Engagement

Johanna Burgos 


Director of Community Engagement

Paola Mancera


Community Engagement Coordinator 

Caroline Chen


Community Engagement Coordinator 

Emily Russel 



Vice President of Marketing

Maya Topiwala


Assistant VP of Marketing

Ayushi Ray 


Graphic Designer

Sharon Walsh


TikTok Specialist 

Morgan Boyd


Digital Media Specialist

Basma Heda


Editorial Team

Michaela McCarthy


Editorial Team

Charlotte Waller


Editorial Team

Sophia Chew


Human Resources

Vice President of HR

Ruth Ann Reason


IDEA Team Member
Holly McLaughlin


Vetting Team

Tishni Weerasinghe

IDEA Team Member
Carla Archenoul


IDEA Team Member

Coco Omer


Vetting Team

Ayman Chaudhary


Vetting Team

Sandhya Rottoo

Vetting Team

Jana Taleb

Tech and Ops
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