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Our Mission

BookTalk was founded in March 2021 to provide a virtual event for readers in the online community to connect with each other, creators, and authors.

BookTalk’s mission is to connect with authors, publishers, and other creatives in the book industry to inspire critical approaches to reading and uplift marginalized voices to highlight the importance of equitable representation in storytelling.


Born and raised in London to two Nigerian immigrant parents, Reni K. Amayo is the author of The Return of the Earth Mother series and founder of ONWE press, an independent publisher and lifestyle brand based in the United Kingdom that features diverse voices and stories. 

Luda Gogolushko founded INCLUDAS publishing in 2015 to bring awareness to those in publishing who had a disability‚ like herself.  Now, INCLUDAS works to publish books and authors with disability inclusion to give a voice to disability representation in an authentic and honest way.


BookTalk Board of Directors


Mel Gill is a proud Latina, Navy Veteran, dog mom and military spouse, as well as the owner and founder of Steamy Lit, a book box that empowers discourse around sexuality and promotes diverse romance books. Gill works to bring representation for authors of color and genderqueer writers to the romance genre. 

Loan Le is an editor at Simon & Schuster’s Atria Books imprint, a Pushcart Prize-nominated writer, and author of A Pho Love Story. When Loan isn’t writing young adult novels, she’s writing ghostly, dark adult fiction, watching slow-burn K-Dramas, and listening to BTS.


Causes we support

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